Cognitive Therapy is a treatment process in which a person works to alleviate deficits in thinking. These deficits can include poor attention and concentration, memory loss, difficulty with problem solving, and dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs that can contribute to maladaptive behavior and emotional responses. Through Cognitive Therapy, the individual utilizes methods that aim to help make the most of existing cognitive functioning despite the difficulties they are experiencing through various methods, including guided practice on tasks that reflect particular cognitive functions, development of skills to help identify distorted beliefs and thought patterns, and strategies for taking in new information, such as the use of memory aids and other assistive devices. The goal for individuals receiving Cognitive Therapy is to achieve an awareness of their cognitive limitations, strengths, and needs and acquire the awareness and skills in the use of functional compensations necessary to increase the quality of life and enhance their ability to live successfully in the community.

Cognitive Therapy (CT)